Are you single? WATCH THIS: 2nd Sign You Might Be Dating the Wrong Person!

Are you single? WATCH THIS: 2nd Sign You Might Be Dating the Wrong Person!

Are you single? WATCH THIS 2nd Sign You Might Be Dating the Wrong Person: They are not ok with being alone!

Hello dear friend and welcome! My name is Patricia Calixte aka Patty Pat’s Toastmasters Journey.
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• Have you ever tolerated being with a partner who was disrespectful to you?
• Or settled for less than what you desired just so that you wouldn’t have to be alone? Or
• Have you ever gone back to a relationship that you knew should be over?

In this video, I’m sharing some thoughts based on my own life lessons, with just a little bit of entertainment, hahaha!

When I talk to some ladies (or even men) about their dating nightmares, recurring themes keep coming up.. Same plot, different characters.

Let me know if this resonated with you or if you strongly disagree! Or anything I left out?

*** IN A RUSH? Skip to what you want to see! ***
00:00 8 Signs you might be dating the wrong person
00:26 Introduction
01:42 The “To Run Or Not To Run” Show
02:05 Isaac and Patty
04:18 Patty and Patricia about Isaac
05:47 Adam and Patty
07:50 Patty and Patricia about Adam
08:51 Conclusion

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