AUDIO RP | Dating a Bold, Flirty Orc Girl

AUDIO RP | Dating a Bold, Flirty Orc Girl

The tough, confident, secretly awkward orc you met at the local tavern has her heart set on being your girlfriend! And you’re all for it, aren’t you? After all, who doesn’t need a wholesome, supportive monster girl in their life?

[F4A] [Crushes to Lovers] [Developing Relationship] [Fluffy] [Cute] [Cuddling] [Kissing] [Adorkable] [Secret Cinnamon Roll] [Looks Like She Could Kill You, Could Actually Kill You]

Performer: Vanilla Velvet Audio
Script by: Waterway_Wordsmith on reddit, with adlibs by me!
SFX: all under public domain/CC0 licenses

NOTE: This audio rp contains three scripts!

0:00 🥂 First Date with a Bold, Flirty Orc [Romantic] [Compliments] [Picnic] [Confessions] [Cuddling] [Kissing] [Swamp] [Night Sounds]

13:00 💪 Your Tough Orc Girlfriend Stands Up for You [Concern] [Defending You] [Making Plans] [Tavern Ambiance] [Bar Fight]

26:29 🏠 Starting a New Life With Your Orc Girlfriend [You’re Special] [Moving In] [Praise] [Positive affirmations] [I want to be my best for you] [Expanding horizons]

SUMMER REFRESH DAY 5! Surprise! A sequel immediately following the original audio’s remaster, right in the middle of the event! I thought it might be nice to deliver at least one continuation right away, just to mix things up. I hope you enjoy it!

#ASMR #ASMRroleplay #audioroleplay #roleplay #orc #monstergirl #fantasy

This audio was made possible in part by viewers like you! Special thanks to my patrons for their support!

Red Velvet Patrons: Bruh, J, Jackarin, James Eley, lolknight, Phillip Greve, Robin x, Scronk McGeef, Veeda, Will753, Jordan mcfarlane, SlyBox, matt, Immune, Efren Cruz

Black Velvet Patrons (Producers): Chaz81196, Jon Bon Jovi, M.A.D., Ruben, Jay Ayy Why, Jack S. Krevin, Francis, Jolyne Kujo, PsionicsKnight, M_torre, Tom Mitchell, MUZaKM4K3R

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