Completely Ghosted with Tom Segura | First Date with Lauren Compton | Ep. 01

Completely Ghosted with Tom Segura | First Date with Lauren Compton | Ep. 01

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It’s the FIRST episode of First Date with Lauren Compton and she welcomes her first guest, Tom Segura! Lauren tries to find out how dateable Tom is with a series of questions. They discuss how Tom relaxes, what his hobbies are, what his alcohol consumption is like, and his exit strayed for bad dates. We get into the main course questions and ask Tom what makes a date good, embarrassing moments on dates, if fame made it easier to date, and how Tom’s parents reacted to meeting (his now wife) Christina. Lauren asks Tom about how the “having children” conversation went, what would happen if Christina died, what his best quality is, and what is the sweetest thing he’s done for Christina.

YouTube Chapters
00:00:00 – Intro
00:01:40 – How Do You Relax?
00:03:05 – Alcohol Consumption?
00:06:18 – Exit Strategy For Bad Dates?
00:11:16 – What Makes A Date Good?
00:13:57 – Have You Been Embarrassed On A Date?
00:20:28 – Did Dating Become Easier After Becoming Famous?
00:21:20 – Introducing Christina To Your Parents
00:22:33 – Deciding To Have Kids
00:24:00 – What Would You Do If Christina Died?
00:25:07 – What Is Your Best Quality?
00:27:57 – What Is The Sweetest Thing You’ve Done For Christina?

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