Dating again… | Wine About It

Dating again... | Wine About It

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0:00 Intro
4:41 Reviewing CDawgVA’s wine
15:31 Vegas Road Trip
28:30 Minx goes missing in Vegas
1:05:23 Bad history with Vegas
1:08:15 Guilt over inconveniencing others
1:18:26 Wine review
1:24:28 Rich Campbell calls in
1:25:44 Wine Review continued
1:27:50 Maya goes out and encounters men
1:43:08 QT’s early trip to Austin
1:49:40 Maya’s dating stories
1:59:33 Girls who target taken men
2:09:23 Maya’s dating stories continued
2:13:59 Manscaped sponsorship
2:22:30 appointment stories
2:30:37 Swift health update
2:34:55 Red Flags on dates
2:56:30 Maya’s Covid experience
3:00:33 QT lost her phone
3:15:54 babysitting stories
3:22:14 A Ludwig appears
3:53:48 Scoping out other podcasts
4:02:04 Mogul Money Live
4:21:13 Future of the Podcast
4:36:58 Outro

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