Don’t challenge a guy’s limit when he gets jealous🔥💋 | Dating In The Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 19

Don't challenge a guy's limit when he gets jealous🔥💋 | Dating In The Kitchen 我, 喜欢你 19

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Working at the Zijing Hotel, Gu Sheng Nan was an underestimated commis inside the kitchen, but she was free to express herself through her food as she sharpened her skills as a chef. To make matters worse, an unfortunate misunderstanding lands her on the wrong side of her soon-to-be boss, the sharp-tongued CEO, Lu Jin.
As a business prodigy, Lu Jin isn’t afraid to make the tough decisions. Ready to condemn the Zijing Hotel, Lu Jin changes his mind after a happy accident brings one of Sheng Nan’s dishes his way. A hardcore foodie, Lu Jin is impressed with Sheng Nan’s skill as a chef and readily recognizes her talent. Sharing a love of food, this unlikely pair begins to form an unexpected bond that leads them to a place neither of them ever expected to be.

Zhao Lu Si: Gu Sheng Nan
Lin Yu Shen: Lu Jin
Zhang Xiao Qian: Meng Xin Jie
Yu Xin He: Xu Zhao Di
Wu Ya Heng: Gao Quan An

Episodes: 24
Original Network: Tencent Video
Duration: 45 min.

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