French Kiss Movie 🎬 Review/Companion – Learn English with @Laurel’s Learning Lab #learnenglish

French Kiss Movie 🎬 Review/Companion - Learn English with @Laurel's Learning Lab #learnenglish

In this video, @Laurel’s Learning Lab and I talk about the plot of the movie French Kiss with Meg Ryan and Kevin Kline. This movie review is meant to be a companion to the movie, meaning that you can watch our review and then watch the film for a better understanding of English Learners. This is one of my favorite movies, romantic, funny, and filmed on location in France.

If you have been following our channel, you will know that this is a project that I started almost two years ago with my daughter, who is now 12, to help people learn English. While it is something we dearly enjoy, there are costs to creating this content. One of my followers suggested that I launch a Patreon account, so that if you feel grateful for what you are learning on our channel, you may buy us a cup of coffee ☕ or hot chocolate (hot chocolate for Kat, as she is 12 and maybe should not be drinking coffee). Thank you so much for watching and providing us feedback and encouraging comments 😊😄😁. Also, for our future Patreon sponsors, I will be adding a thank you at the end of the videos in the future with your names 😊

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Here at Dreaming English, our mission is to provide a Learning English channel is for everyone, of all ages. Kat and I teach English in a fun, easy way, that is natural, using stories,
games, and more. Please watch this short video and let us know what you think, and please share this with any English learners you may know.

Aquí en Dreaming English a mi hija de 10 años Kat y a mí nos gustaría compartir nuestra misión. Nuestro canal de Inglés es para todos de todas la edades. Enseñamos Inglés de una forma fácil y divertida, de manera natural, usando historias, juegos y más. Por favor ve este vídeo corto y dinos que opinas, compártelo con cualquier estudiante de Inglés que conozcas.

You won’t find any boring grammar lessons on our channel. We will provide free, interesting listening experiences for English language learners/English as a Second Language (ESL).

We have tried to make our videos easy enough for a complete beginner to understand and start picking up new words.

Our method is using “Comprehensible Input” – and that means the videos use basic English as much as possible – and will be easy enough for a complete beginner to start learning.


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