Having Our First Kiss on Winterfest! | Harry’s House Legacy Challenge Ep. 2

Having Our First Kiss on Winterfest! | Harry's House Legacy Challenge Ep. 2

Today we’re going on our first date! Will he be the one?

Q: What’s your microphone?
A: Right now, I use my headphone mic.They have good audio, and the mic is pretty good. If you want to get a pair, they are the Nubwo U3 3.5mm Gaming Headset.
Q: What are your peripherals?
A: I use a basic Logitech wireless mouse, and a ChonChow wireless LED keyboard with 87 keys.
Q: What do you use to record?
A: I use the same thing as basically everyone else. OBS Studio. It is easy to use, and free. It’s my favorite recording software.
Q: What are your specs?
A: I honestly don’t know. I just use the HP 15-dy2xxx laptop with Windows 11 Home running it.
Q: What is your uploading schedule?
A: I upload 2 times a week!

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