He Explains Why Men Should Stop Dating In The US & Get Their Passports! @Auston Holleman

He Explains Why Men Should Stop Dating In The US & Get Their Passports! @Auston Holleman

He Explains Why Men Should Stop Dating In The US & Get Their Passports! @Auston Holleman

In this video, I will be giving my commentary on a video that Auston Holleman did about men going overseas to date. He encourages men to stop dating modern women in the US because it is a lost cause. This topic has become popular as of late within the manosphere. Many men are opting to get their passports and seek love and companionship in other countries like Colombia, Dominican Republic, Costa Rica, Brazil, and Thailand. Traveling to other countries gives men access to new dating experiences that they would not ordinarily experience in the United States.

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He Explains Why Men Should Stop Dating In The US & Get Their Passports! @Auston Holleman

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