[KPOP IN PUBLIC | ONE TAKE] KISS OF LIFE (키스오브라이프) ‘쉿 (Shhh)’ Dance Cover [EAST2WEST]

[KPOP IN PUBLIC | ONE TAKE] KISS OF LIFE (키스오브라이프) '쉿 (Shhh)' Dance Cover [EAST2WEST]

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🤫 Shhh… We need your 🗣️undivided🗣️ attention🚨 while you watch our girlies SHHHlay this cover 💃💅💃💅💃

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BELLE – Joy Yu (IG: @_joyyu_)
HANEUL – Virginie Tran (IG: @vigqct)
JULIE – Lianna Pilote (IG: @liannapilote)
NATTY – Naomi Philavong (IG: @naomi_plv)

Filmed by:
Ming Ming (IG: @miingriyue)

Edited by:
Joy Yu (IG: @_joyyu_)

Andres, Emily D, Fabio, Johnny, Kamila, Matthieu, Meng Si, Minjun, Sang Ho, Selwyn

KISS OF LIFE (키스오브라이프) – 쉿 (Shhh)
KISS OF LIFE (키스오브라이프) – Sugarcoat (NATTY Solo)

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