Prelude – Maskerade | Indie Clock Podcast @ antiSOCIAL

Prelude - Maskerade | Indie Clock Podcast @ antiSOCIAL

“Prelude” is a song by the talented Pune-based indie artist Maskerade.

Lyrics :

Please don’t break my flow
I’ve practiced not keep it low
You don’t understand, this art of pretense
So, hold my hand, please let me go

Smiling is tiring, this awful wiring is holding
Conditioned to keep in control
Masquerade in it, wait till I finish,
Me, you, or even this show

I know that I won’t survive
I know I won’t even try

I bluff on my shows
Even after we all go home
Continous commands, it’s easy to dance
Just close your eyes, aim that arrow

Oh, you’re here
Waiting to see
Where do I go, Mister?
Who do I be?
I face my mirror
Scared about this part
If it delivers words
Never meant at all

Artist of the week – Maskerade


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