Q&A – New Job? Dating? Working for Disney again? Life in Florida? Roommate Drama? Disney World Favs?

Q&A - New Job? Dating? Working for Disney again? Life in Florida? Roommate Drama? Disney World Favs?

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Hi friends! Today I’m sharing a Q&A video answering questions I recently asked for on my Instagram. https://www.instagram.com/magicalmegvlog/

Questions Timestamps:
0:00 – Intro
0:27 – What do I do for work?
1:41 – Do I visit Universal & Sea World?
2:01 – Am I originally from Florida?
2:20 – How do I deal with the Florida traffic?
2:55 – Favorite part of living the Florida Lifestyle?
3:43 – Non-Disney locations in Florida I want to visit?
4:40 – Do I miss Pennsylvania?
5:04 – How relaxing is it that I can get Joffrey’s anytime?
5:09 – What is my typical week like? Weekly schedule?
6:01 – What do I like most about 407 & Beyond Vacation Company?
6:54 – Am I still wanting to live in Florida forever?
7:28 – Am I dating anyone?
8:52 – Did I get the Disney 50th license plate?
9:06 – Are there any Disney rides I won’t ride?
9:32 – Did my Disney College Program scorn my view of Disney?
11:45 – Is living in Orlando affordable?
12:25 – Favorite food/snack in each park?
13:17 – Am I planning to work for Disney ever again?
14:25 – Do I plan on going on a Disney Cruise, going to Aulani and Disneyland?
14:42 – Video on description of hotel job I had at Disney World?
15:02 – Tips for a Walt Disney World road trip?
15:38 – Am I planning a cruise on the Disney Wish?
15:46 – Biggest change I didn’t expect moving to Florida?
16:35 – Ex-Roommate Drama?
19:21 – Favorite Snack / Quick Service/ Sit-Down Dining location
19:47 – Is Genie+ worth it for your vacation?
20:31 – Ultimate dream vacation?
21:09 – Do I mind meeting people in the parks?
21:37 – How did I find a place to live in Florida?
22:05 – If Disney changed their college program, would I consider going back?

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Hello! My name is Megan! I have a love for traveling especially to my favorite destination in the world, Walt Disney World! I am a huge fan of all things Disney Parks. My family and I have been Disney World Annual Passholders for about 10 years. We love making memories together in our happy place. I have always loved documenting our trips through photos and in 2014 I felt inspired to capture our memories in an even more in-depth way. I picked up the camera and discovered a pure passion for vlogging! I love getting to capture my travels, cherished times and fun moments! I enjoy getting to relive these moments while I edit the videos and love having these memories documented to look back on. I have discovered such a rewarding love from the feeling I get through sharing my vlogs here on YouTube! I love meeting people here in our online community who share the same interests as I do! We all get to connect over our mutual love of all things Disney and travel!
I have visited all of the Disney Parks in the United States: Disneyland, California Adventure, Magic Kingdom, Epcot, Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom! It is my dream to one day visited all the international Disney Parks as well! My travel interests also go beyond the Disney Parks, I love vlogging my cruise vacations and trips to all-inclusive resorts!
I am from Pennsylvania and grew up in a small town outside of Philadelphia. My dream is to soon relocate to the Orlando area and live near Disney!
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Have a Magical Day!
God Bless!
– Magical Meg

Q&A – New Job? Dating? Working for Disney again? Life in Florida? Roommate Drama? Disney World Favs?

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