The Civil War in France – Kiss Me, Kiss Me

The Civil War in France - Kiss Me, Kiss Me

Where’d Everyone Go?
by The Civil War in France

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The summer is a fleeting reality lets enjoy it while we still can
days will shorten and nights will grow cold
things wont be the same this time next year
they never are and they never could be so lets kiss in the fleeting lightt
hold hands as night bears new fruits, lets create our own paths
because winter doesn’t need to be cold
our hearts can grow warm with thoughts of the other
can you do that for me? can I do that for you?
reborn, stronger than before
reborn, stronger than before
so kiss me, kiss me in the fleeting light
and I swear, I swear we’ll be all right
just kiss me, kiss me in the fleeting light
and I swear, I swear we’ll be alright
just kiss me in the fleeting light and I swear we’ll be alright
just kiss me, and I swear
just kiss me

I find myself today in a very different place than I was when writing and recording this EP. Written, recorded, and mixed between June and December 2021, I’ve spent several months sitting on these songs because I know that releasing these will close a specific chapter in my life, and closing that scares me in ways. These 5 songs roughly outline my last year, and what a year it has been. Finishing this project marks the end of all of that to me, and I view it as me allowing myself to move on in some way. To me the songs collected here conflict with one another, in the same way I conflicted with myself about what I wanted and needed. From that I set out writing this with the intent of writing a love album, and that soured and became a breakup album. All in all, I view this EP as a time capsule containing the thoughts and feelings of a living, dying, and dead relationship and all that that entails.

Released May 31, 2022 on Chillwavve Records.

Written, recorded, mixed, and mastered by Eva Hammersla in my bedroom

Thank you to Rayne Kuhn for putting up with me for so long, I’m sorry I wasn’t better and I hope we can reconnect in the future as friends. To my friends Parker Howard, Tanner Hupfeldt, Sam Kurtz, James Champion, Andrew Haines, and Z Davis for listening to me complain about needing to put out this fuckin EP already every few weeks. To all the friends I’ve made through music in the past year or so, especially Ben of Juppleton, Jacob of CH Point, Enzo of MSSDTA, Brandon of Home is Where, Max of Ultra Deluxe, Devon and Steve of Morning Dew, and Sammi of Sammi Hell. It really touches my heart how many new friends I’ve gained since starting this project and it’s something I’ll forever be grateful for, y’all are truly amazing people!! Lastly I’d like to thank everyone listening, it blows my mind that people enjoy my art and I truly hope it can help people in some capacity. I’m incredibly grateful for each and every one of you.

#5thWaveEmo #BedroomPop #skramz #LoFi #Emo #Synth

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