The mixology of dating and drinking: #WakeUpCLT To Go

The mixology of dating and drinking: #WakeUpCLT To Go

How important is drinking in your dating life? How many times have you said “Let’s meet up for a drink,” or have been invited for a cocktail by a potential date? Is dating and drinking a good mix? Well, post-pandemic some people being more intentional about their alcohol intake or are ditching the liquor altogether and adopting the “sober” title. And dating app Bumble is helping it’s members wear it as a badge of honor.

According to a survey, commissioned by Bumble, there is new data* around people’s current relationship with alcohol. They found that of those who drink, nearly 40% identify as ‘sober curious’ and would like to think more consciously about their decision to drink alcohol or are currently making efforts to reduce their alcohol consumption.

“Given how many people have reevaluated their relationship with alcohol as we navigate the pandemic, it felt important for Bumble to give our sober community an easy option to share that. For us, this is another step to being a safer and more welcoming platform for everyone to find connection,” said Charlotte Brown, DEI Engagement Manager at Bumble.


The mixology of dating and drinking: #WakeUpCLT To Go

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