Up-Date Your Third Party Debt Collectors Lawsuit Package

Up-Date Your Third Party Debt Collectors Lawsuit Package

Third Party Debt Collectors

HIPAA Compliance 2021- File Your Lawsuit https://youtu.be/4TZF7C3jUQU #DebtCollectorScum #DebtCollectorScum Learn how to update the debt collection dispute lawsuit package to stop credit collections agencies from stealing your paycheck through wage garnishments. Now, can sue the collectors agency for unfair score practices. File your lawsuit against the debt collector who filed a dispute against your credit report. You should watch my youtube instructional videos age win your freedom using the law to stop the collectors in their tracks today! #DebtCollectorScum #FightBack

Tonight, we will do something different.
I have these 3rd party debt collectors up in my face and I’m going to upgrade my credit card lawsuit package and the HIPAA lawsuit package. The updates will fit in both packages, actually, you will be able to use these updates in any lawsuit package.
I’m going to show you guy’s how to do the research on the debt collector to find out the best folks to add as the number one defendant. We will also be looking at other parent companies you should be adding to your lawsuit to turn up the heat and make them want to go and sit the hell down.
Check out the big boys that want a piece of my ass over a 6-yr old alleged medical debt. You guy knows when I’m making something for myself or my sister, (lol) it will be fire!
This will be different don’t miss out!
Here is a link to the fools getting up in my face!
Coach N.

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