Valentine’s day Party || Disco Dance Party || Hotel Mayur || Love || Romantic Date || Celebration

Valentine's day Party || Disco Dance Party || Hotel Mayur || Love || Romantic Date || Celebration

Season Of Love❤️
Valentine’s Day is a celebration that happens on February 14. It is the day of the year when lovers celebrate their love. This can be done by giving flowers, chocolates, Valentine’s cards or just a nice gift. Love notes can be given to one another. These notes that people give out are also called valentines. Some people pick one person and call them their “Valentine” as a gesture to show love and appreciation.

Symbols of Valentine’s Day are heart shapes, roses, and Cupid with his arrows.

Valentine’s Day is named for the martyred Christian saint named Valentine. He was a bishop that married forbidden couples.

Since the 14th century, Valentine’s pairs are formed in England. English emigrants then took the Valentine’s custom to the United States. After World War II, US soldiers brought this festival to Europe.

February 7, Rose Day

The Valentine’s week starts on February 7 and is called Rose Day. Prospective lovers buy roses for each other and tell them they’re their special someones by giving them a red rose (or maybe a bouquet of several roses). Friends also give each other yellow roses as a symbol of their friendship. You can handpick these roses from a nearby vendor or even get online to choose the bouquet size and when you would like to get them delivered to your special someone.

Did you know that the blue heart on your social media pages and on WhatsApp means friend zone.

February 8, Propose Day

Your man or woman deserves to know how you feel about them. Take the opportunity to share your heartfelt feelings on Propose day to start your journey together. If you’re a man, plan a romantic dinner date and think of innovative ideas on how to propose to your lady love. If you’re a woman, you can plan a romantic getaway together outside town and impress your man with the simplicity of thought and the idea of spending time together without any distractions.

February 9, Chocolate Day

It’s the sweetest day of every lover’s life. You’ll be showered with chocolates of all kinds and it’s a field day for customised chocolate makers too! Life is a box of chocolates and you can choose what you get in this one.

February 10, Teddy Day

Nothing talks about love like a cute teddy plush toy. Head to a gift store and get a cutesy plush toy for your lover and give them something to hug in your absence.

February 11, Promise Day

Make a promise, a commitment to stay together while you’re good for another. A commitment once made is a silent bond you sign with your partner to be with them through thick and thin.

February 12, Hug Day

A hug can mend several broken pieces inside you. Let a warm hug heal every crack and give you the boost you need to lead a happy life with your partner.

February 13, Kiss Day

Say it with a rose, say it with chocolates and sometimes just say nothing at all except for a reassuring kiss. Seal your love with a kiss.

February 14, Valentine’s Day

It’s the day of love! Head out for a movie and lunch or dinner date and feel the love in the air or just stay at home and cuddle into each other’s arms while you watch your favourite rom-com or relive your best and most romantic memories together.

February 15, Slap Day

It’s the first day of the Anti-Valentine’s day and it starts with a slap after all that mush and romance. It’s probably only true if you had a crush who went out with you on Valentine’s Day and broke your heart the very next day. Let actions speak louder than words this time.

February 16, Kick day

Speaking of actions speaking louder than words, there’s also a Kick day when you feel too angry and haven’t found an easier outlet before!

February 17, Perfume day

Maybe with Perfume day as an anti-Valentine’s day celebration, it means you must smell good regardless of your state of mind after a minor hiccup or a heartbreak. A spritz of your favourite perfume or even body mist can be instantly uplift your mood.

February 18, Flirting day

The day when you get back onto the scene and flirt your way through a girl or a boy’s heart. Just don’t go overboard, or you’ll come across as creepy.

February 19, Confession day

Confess that I wear my heart on my sleeve and I love everyone till I actually fall in love with someone? Perhaps.

February 20, Missing day

Stop moping and do the things that make you happy and peaceful. Listen to good soulful music, read a good book, and spend some quality time with yourself.

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