Flirty Tomboy Mechanic Wants a Date as Payment [Audio Roleplay] [First Kiss] [First Date] [Kissing]

Flirty Tomboy Mechanic Wants a Date as Payment [Audio Roleplay] [First Kiss] [First Date] [Kissing]

You come in to have your car fixed, but your flirty tomboy mechanic has more in mind than just fixing your ride! She wants a date instead of cold hard cash and you’re happy to oblige!

[F4A] [Slice of Life] [First Kiss] [First Date] [Wholesome] [Confession] [Lots of Kisses] [Romance] [Tomboy] [Flirty af] [Friends to Lovers] [Car Geeks in Love]

Performer: Vanilla Velvet Audio
Script by: Michael-Afton on reddit
SFX: all under public domain/CC0 licenses

Music in this audio appears either with permission of the artist, under CC 0.0 license, CC 1.0 license, or CC 3.0 License

Intentions – Anno Domini Beats

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